DIY Locker Chandelier

DIY Locker Chandelier

DIY Locker Chandelier

Our public school years are now over, but through the years we have had some great times decorating lockers with friends. One of the most unique items that we made in the past was different variations of locker chandeliers. I haven’t had to  decorate lockers but for a few years, but I wanted to give you a fun idea for your kids locker. Hence, the DIY Locker Chandelier out of supplies from your local Dollar Tree. What I love about this is that it only cost $4 to make and even Tweens could make it on their own.

How to Use a DIY Locker Chandelier

Once you make this DIY locker chandelier, where do you use it at? If you know someone heading to middle school or high school, this little locker chandelier works awesome. A chandelier for a locker is nice to have, and gives the locker a bit of a unique look and before the age of the cell phone flashlight, I know I had to dig in a locker for something I couldn’t find. So this chandelier works great and makes the locker look even better. If you have to decorate lockers or just want something fun to put in your house, this DIY project works great.

Is Using a school Locker Chandelier Easy?

Using this school locker chandelier is so easy. You simply make it and then put it on your locker. There is no maintenance and it’s not hard to make. A lot of DIY locker chandeliers are hard to make, but this one isn’t.

The cool thing about this chandelier is that you can use several different kinds of decor ideas. If you don’t like this decor idea, you can use something else.

Is this DIY Chandelier Dollar Tree Approved?

Why, yes it is! You can buy a lot of these supplies, right from the Dollar Tree. You can buy everything you need from the Dollar Tree.

I think that the Dollar Tree is where I’ll do all my shopping from now on, especially if I can do my craft shopping there.

The only thing you might want to stock up on is the battery operated votive. You can even replace the light when it goes out. If you’d prefer, you can just change out the battery.

DIY Locker Chandelier

How to Make a DIY Locker Chandelier

If you’re going to make a DIY locker chandelier, then you need the right tools. I love this DIY project because it may be stuff you have right at home.

Some crafts can take a lot of money and supplies, but not this one. Let’s get started on making it, shall we? Making this locker chandelier is going to be fun and help bring out your best creativity!

Here are the supplies needed:
Mini solar table top light (Dollar Tree)
Assorted wall decals in choice of color/design (we chose the bird and pennant kit from Dollar Tree, sold in the stationary and craft section.)
Color changing battery operated votive
Pipe cleaners
Super adhesive or Command strips
Hot glue, glue gun

DIY Locker Chandelier

1. Begin by removing the top of the solar light. You can then drop in the battery operated votive. This will work better than using the light that is in there, as it won’t need any solar energy to glow. Place the lid back on and secure.
2. Use the decals to decorate the lamp portion as you wish. We took a few of the shapes and the bird shape and cut them out, peeled off the backing, and stick them to the lamp.
3. Trim the lamp shade using pipe cleaners cut to fit and secured with hot glue. Allow to dry.
4. Your chandelier is now ready to be displayed. Make sure the votive is switched to on, and add either super adhesive or a Command peel and stick strip to the underside of the lamp. You want it to hang upside down like a chandelier, not sit on the base like a lamp would. Replace the battery operated votive as needed.

Is Making Your Own DIY Locker Chandelier Safe?

YES! You aren’t using anything that could catch on fire. You’re using a battery operated votive, which is completely safe.

You will want to check the battery before you finish making the chandelier. It’s important to make sure you’re putting in a good battery.

Looking for More Locker Decor?

I think decorating a locker is one of the best parts of high school. When you open up the locker, you get to decorate it how you want and that makes high school just a little more sweeter.

When you’re lost in a world with other people, it’s easy to get homesick or miss your life. When you decorate your locker like you want, you can easily go there and enjoy what you have created.

Let’s be honest, the 21st century is a great time to be decorating a locker. There are TONS of items you can put in a locker these days. It just depends on what you want to put in the locker! This locker mirror Dollar Tree creation is amazing!

Isn’t this an adorable way to decorate your lockers?? Be sure to share your finished projects with me. I love to see them!

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