Dino Trux Character TY

DinoTrux Halloween Costume Ideas

DinoTrux Halloween Costume Ideas

Dino Trux Character TY

If you have kiddos that are huge DinoTrux fans, you might be trying to come up with a few ideas for Halloween. I can’t say that DinoTrux are the easiest costume ideas to come up with, but for your kids you can do anything. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Be a Dinosaur

There are no rules that say you have to be a particular type of DinoTrux for Halloween and because it can be hard to find costumes, you might just have to get creative. Dino costume anyone?

Go with a Theme

There seems to be common themes within the DinoTrux books. There’s a DinoTrux book called “Dig the Beach,” you could easily take this book and create a themed costume around the idea. Not super easy, but doable!

Create a Custom Costume

Okay, if you are super talented, you can always go with the “create a costume” route. DinoTrux have a pretty distinct look, so it will take some talent and hard work but it’s possible!

Tails All the Way

Sometimes making a whole costume for Halloween can be hard, especially for DinoTrux. You can start with making a tail and then making a simple sign with “DinoTrux” on it. Simple but sassy and perfect for your kiddo for Halloween.

Go with a Mask

Creating a DinoTrux mask is another simple way you can make a costume without stressing yourself out. Trace or draw a DinoTrux look and go with it! Your kids will love their custom look and I’m sure the houses they go to for trick or treating will have a ball guessing who/what they are!

What is your best idea for a DinoTrux Halloween costume?

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