8 Mindblowing Tips That Will Help You Decorate and Style Your Bathroom into Somewhere Amazing

8 Mindblowing Tips That Will Help You Decorate and Style

8 Mindblowing Tips That Will Help You Decorate and Style Your Bathroom into Somewhere Amazing

It might be one of the smallest rooms in your home but it gets a lot of use every day, which means you want a design that lets you enjoy your time spent in the bathroom and makes sure that every inch of space is used effectively.

Here are some top tips to give you some inspiration and ideas for remodeling and styling your bathroom, including why you need to draw up some design plans before you start, tips on how to create the illusion of space, plus ideas for making the most of the wall space available.

Take the time to plan it all out properly

One of the best tips you can take on board is to take your time planning and designing your bathroom, using a professional if necessary, to be certain that your ideas will actually work and the finished project will look as good as you hope.

You could get ideas from Unique Vanities, for example, regarding the style and features that you want to see in your bathroom but you also need to put it all down on paper and work through your plans by drawing a proposed layout and working out how much of a budget is going to be required.

Bathroom designs vary greatly and you might decide that you want a wet room or something customized, so it is well worth planning everything out before you start any work, so that you know everything works once you get underway.

Make the most of mirrors

Interior designers have long been aware of how you can use mirrors to create the illusion of space and extra light, which are two key attributes you often want in a bathroom.

Mirrors can instantly add scale to a room and using them to cover one of the bathroom walls will have the effect of making you feel like you are walking into a room that is much larger than it actually is.

You also want mirrors in your bathroom for practical reasons, so it can be worth blowing some of your budget on an ornate mirror or something modern that makes a design statement.

A fancy mirror can become the centerpiece of your bathroom and offers style as well as practicality.

8 Mindblowing Tips That Will Help You Decorate and Style Your Bathroom into Somewhere Amazing

Think about a corner sink

Having a small bathroom might mean that you can end up shuffling around the sink to get to the other side of the room but one way of combatting that scenario is to install a corner sink.

Using a corner to install a sink will tick all the right boxes in terms of saving space and you don’t have to compromise on looks for the sake of practicality.

A corner sink is a great solution if you have a small bathroom and it might allow you to open the shower door without worrying about hitting any of the furniture.

Try a vanity that floats your boat

A floating vanity unit will work a neat visual trick in making the room seem bigger by freeing up some floor space and it gives you options if you do want to utilize that free space underneath.

If you think that the corners of your vanity unity might still get in the way you can always opt for a rounded style, which will add some flair to your design at the same time.

Create some extra shelf space

A classic dilemma when designing a bathroom is the fact that you need to make room for lots of accessories and items that you use on a daily basis, but might not have a lot of wall space to accommodate them.

A good way of creating some extra storage space is to extend the sink counter over your toilet.

This is often a wasted space which can then be transformed and it will look appealing as the shelving will be streamlined to encompass the toilet and the sink.

Think big patterns

You might think that when you are deciding how to decorate your bathroom it would be better to stick to plain colors and textures to create the visual impression of space.

A design trick worth considering is to use a large-scale pattern which actually does an excellent job of tricking your eyes into thinking that the room space is extended.

Think about being bold with your patterns, like a wide stripe, for instance, and you could be rewarded with a finish that manages to make your bathroom look bigger, not smaller.

Always a towel to hand

Your aim is probably to try and keep the bathroom neat and tidy as well as attractive and one way of doing that is to keep the towels on display to a minimum.

A good solution would be to keep your spare towels hidden away in a nearby closet and mount a towel bar on the bathroom door.

This will give you easy access to a towel when you need it without it spoiling the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

A faucet solution that works whatever your chosen style

The ultimate aim in most bathroom designs is to free up as much square footage as possible in order to make the room as comfortable and open as it can.

If you consider the idea of using a wall-mounted faucet in your design plans you could easily be achieving two important aims at the same time.

When you use a wall-mounted faucet it gives you the opportunity to install a narrower sink or vanity, freeing up more floor space. 

The bonus to this design trick is that it is a solution that tends to work in most design settings, so you can enjoy a sleek ultra-modern look with your wall-mounted faucet, or you will also find that it works just as well with a more traditional design too.

If you follow some of these design tips that professionals use regularly you should be able to create a bathroom that works well from a practical point of view, but also has that enviable wow factor.

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