Corn Casserole Recipe

Corn Casserole Recipe

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I am always on the hunt looking for new recipes to take to picnics and holidays that will be a big hit. I love taking a dish somewhere and it being gone before I even have a chance of getting some. I have actually grown up eating this recipe at Christmas and Thanksgiving since I was little. Always one of my personal favorite dishes. Besides the ham, I always looked forward to it. When I got married, I requested that I had friends and family bring a recipe of their favorite foods so that I could build up my cooking skills too. Long and behold; this is the one I was searching for. My grandmothers corn casserole recipe! I hope that you enjoy this and it becomes a favorite of you and your families. Now when I have picnics, potlucks or even holiday dinners to attend.. this is my go to. Easy to prepare, not very expensive and doesn’t take long to cook.

Corn Casserole
Serves 4-6 people
Prepare in 9×9 pan (try to stay close to that size 8×8 will work too. If you go any bigger it will not cook right. It needs to be a good thickness to taste great)

1 can cream corn
1 box jiffy corn bread mix
1 stick butter or margarine, softened
2 eggs
1 cup sour cream (8 oz container)
12 oz shredded cheddar cheese

Mix together completely * I recommend to mix in a separate bowl. It will get all over the pan that you are baking the casserole in and could potentially burn if messed on sides*
350 degrees in a greased pan for 35 minutes or until browned. Will be a little “jiggly” but will harden up once out of the oven.
If you want another great corn casserole dish check out my Mac n Cheese with Corn Casserole! Both are equally delicious!

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