Lamberts Copycat Rolls

Copycat Lamberts Rolls

Copycat Lamberts Rolls

Copycat Lambert's Rolls



Heading to Lambert’s restaurant is something that we love to do, but sometimes a three hour road trip is out of the question. So one day when the mood struck that I wanted Lambert’s Hot Rolls, I went searching on the Internet. While Lambert’s doesn’t provide their recipe there are several to choose from and for this recipe I used the one found here. After a few hours in the kitchen our finished product looked a lot like Lambert’s Famous Throwed Rolls but they were much harder than the real deal. It might have been something we did, or it could have been the recipe, who knows. But if a trip to Lambert’s isn’t in the cards for you, this recipe will help you out in a pinch.


Dough in bowl

After all of your ingredients are mixed together well, you are supposed to clean your bowl, and place back into bowl. Then, let it rise until double in size, we took ours out and placed it onto the cutting board so you could see the difference.

Lamberts Dough


After your dough has raised, all you have to do is fill muffin tins so that it looks like this. Then bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown.

Lambert Rolls


Once they were baked ours looked a lot like this, but we don’t want them dark brown, but it is of course a personal preference! Just be sure you make plenty for your Thanksgiving feast next week. Your guests will thank you for it and you will enjoy these hot rolls just as much as you do the “real hot throwed rolls” from Lamberts. Or  at least we did and they were easy to make, so we are making a double batch for our Thanksgiving Dinners! But I still can’t wait to go back and visit Lambert’s when time allows!

Lamberts rolls


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