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Cleaning with H2O at Home

This post is in partnership with H2O at Home, however, all opinions are 100% my own as always.

Cleaning with H2O at Home

Cleaning isn’t one of my favorite things to do, in fact, I pretty much loathe it. But the older I get the more I realize I just do it and get it done instead of procrastinating like I used to. While I still don’t love it, finding great products that I can use to keep the house clean as naturally as possible is something I do love. That’s why I was excited to partner with H2O at Home to bring you this post.

A little about H2O at Home

H2O at Home adheres to and goes beyond the strictest French eco-certification standards for home and personal care products. The brand came to the U.S. in 2009 to deliver the same high-quality products and sustainable culture that leads to better health and lifestyle, starting at home. 

What is h2o at home?

H2O at Home, is an innovative home and personal care company that is changing the way people clean, naturally, effectively and safely while using is high-quality microfiber cloth, water, and in some instances, a natural cleanser. The company’s mission is to make life easier with products that uphold strong, environmentally-friendly and non-toxic values. 

Is h2o at home cruelty-free?

In my opinion h20 at home is cruelty-free because they focus on saving the earth, being more eco-friendly and work on sustainability. As well as make donations and do eco-research along with much, much more. Check out all they do here.

Cleaning Clay

The Cleaning Clay and the All-Purpose Glove

These are my two favorite items to clean within the kitchen because the lemon essential oils make it smell amazing and they tackle even the worst messes. The Cleaning Clay comes with a sponge and makes your stainless steel sparkle without harsh chemicals, making it a must in our house. The All-Purpose Glove lasts up to 300 washes and cleans your entire home, my favorite is using it to clean the blades on our ceiling fan.  

Best cleanings to clean your home naturally

Pick up the Chiffonnette Variety Pack

After using the Chiffonnette Variety Kit along with the other products, I’ve found a new appreciation for a clean house. While $42 isn’t a frugal price, I can now see why it saves money in the end. The kit comes with three cloths if you will and you use the darkest for scrubbing, the lightest for polishing and the medium-toned ones for everyday jobs like wiping the table. So just at first glance in my daily cleaning routine, I was able to eliminate 4 bottles of cleaning products, with more on their way out the door.

 Why all 3?

 The Heavy Duty Chiffonnette® is perfect for tougher jobs around the house like mildew and hard water stains, but cleans screens, patio furniture and even baseboards.

The Essential Multi-Surface Chiffonnette® is perfect to trap dust when dry and when it’s damp it lifts grease and dirt. (No more harsh chemicals here!)

The Precision Glass Chiffonnette® has fine weaving that traps dust and dirt deposits and is perfect for electronics, even the television! 

Clean your home with water

Have a stain?

We all have them, the stain on our favorite shirt, the one in the middle of the carpet that will not go away no matter what you try. Don’t toss them, give Netepur Soap a try for only $13. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable soap that removes recent or old stains without damaging fabric. It is can also be used to maintain any H2O at Home microfiber cloth. With the combination of water, Netepur Soap targets a variety of stains such as:

  • Organic/protein based stains: vegetables, chocolate, eggs and blood
  • Tannins/oxidized material stains: wine, tea, coffee, fruit, sodas, soy sauce and hot sauces
  • Various dyes: spices, pollens and ink
  • Minerals & fats: oils, butter, make-up and grease

What is Netepur?

Netepur is a versatile stain remover for clothing and textiles which removes organic stains, grease, or oil. It is safe for any items that are launderable in water, but if unsure, do a small spot check first.

So make your home a cleaner home by picking up a few H20 at Home products, I promise your wallet and your walls will be as happy as you are. Don’t forget to splurge and get your own maid, it saves me tons of hours each week, maid service for some great specials that we can all afford!

Best Natural Cleaning Products

What comes in the h2o at Home Business Kit?

Cleaning Clay Kits.
Limescale Removers.
Purifying Laundry Power.
Facial, Body & Hair Care.
Microfiber Bath Towels & Accessories.
Scented Extracts.
Essential Oil Diffusers.

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