Breguet: The Watchmaking Genuises

Breguet: The Watchmaking Geniuses

Breguet a company known for making extremely high quality and innovative timepieces for years; it is the watch manufacture who made the first wristwatch for the Queen of Napless in 1810.

Each timepiece in the Breguet collection has its contemporary class and with the timeless enhanced elegance. The brand’s popularity is based on its inventions, including the tourbillon, gong-spring, Breguet balance spring, and equation of time. These are some of the most-popular inventions by the brand, which is being used in almost all luxury watches of top-models.

Let’s explorer Breguest inventions and see how watchmaking geniuses at Breguet made it possible.

Abraham -Louis Breguet – Master WatchMaker

When it comes to a master’s in watchmaking, the name Abraham -Louis Breguet can be heard from all directions as he was one of the best watchmakers of his time. He started his early watch manufacturing in a workshop in Paris; it was 1775 when he began his journey. At this little workshop, he managed to make one of the world’s most complicated timepiece of all the time in a pocket watch version known as Marie Antoinette.

This complicated gadget took more than 40 years of completion for the queen, but it was never be represented to the queen because she was died long ago before the watch getting his final touch.

The Breguet joined Swiss corporation in 1999 before that it was a family-owned company until the owner was gone to Mr. Edward Brown. After his joining with the swatch group, the brands started to grow again, and many exclusive versions were seen, including premium versions with double tourbillon and some of the models inspired from the classical one.

All of the summary of the above data is that Abraham Louis Breguet still is remembered as the father of Breguet and will be known forever for introducing such awesome creation to the world.

Inventions By the brand

The brand’s spirit in making such innovative gadgets remain getting higher with time and expert engineers at the brand start hitting their head to the wall to get new and innovative ideas, many innovative features were seen in the Breguet watches.

Brand’s invented many innovative technicalities, including tourbillon and gong-spring etc. But the first invention was the wristwatch manufactured by the brand, and it was the first wristwatch for the great woman at that time known as the Queen of Naples.

Since then, the brand’s start is growing and making more innovative timepieces with futuristic technologies.

Tourbillon :

Tourbillon is a technical feature for a wristwatch and requires master craftsmanship to get it finetuned within a wristwatch.

To defeat the gravity with the regularity of the horological movement, the tourbillon was patented in 1801, and it is one of the brand’s most technical and advanced technical components developed by A.L. Breguet. This regulator requires skill on the part of watch manufacture. The right A.L. received for patenting was to last ten years, but still, more innovative tourbillon are seen in the brand’s watch line.

Every model has a brand’s traditional touch and expresses the brand’s struggle in manufacturing futuristic timepieces and his passion for it.

Para chute :

Parachute is known as the brand’s most famous invention as it takes years to complete. This parachute system makes the timepiece to be shocked so it can be used within an intense lifestyle and can last longer than the expected deadline. This type of innovative feature requires years of watchmaking expertise and dedication to making the most elegant watch.

Tradition 7077 is one of the most sold and famous models of the Breguet that featured this technical specification.

Features like a parachute on the part enhanced the smooth running of the timepieces over your wrist and made your life to maintain its continuous flow. So, You don’t have to be worried about getting the internal mechanism damaged even if you are a bike racer because the Para Chute system is designed to make the timepiece virtually shockproof and durable.

In addition to para-chute , many other inventions were seen by the brand . Each time it shocked the world with the new technical feature never seen before.

Like perpetual calendar, gong spring, brand’s balance spring, and best of them is the wristwatch.

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