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Bird Watching A Great Family Pasttime

Bird Watching A Great Family Pasttime

Cardinal and Wren

Living in Missouri I often times take for granted the beauty surrounding me, so today I decided to share some of the pictures that I have snapped this winter. But once I got started, I knew I had to include some pictures of birding across the United States. As a child growing up my Nana enjoyed watching the birds, and no matter what bird landed in front of her, she could tell us what kind it was. I enjoyed those moments with my Nana more than I could have imagined and now I realize she was teaching me to becoming a bird watcher.

But birding isn’t just for Nana’s it is something that the whole family can enjoy and it is a cheap hobby too! Some of the things we have done to make our yard more bird friendly is to provide them the following: food, water, and shelter. It doesn’t cost us that much per month to feed them and there is always a plethora of birds around especially because we live in the country.

Bald Eagle in Missouri

Here are some easy tips to get your backyard ready for birds.

  • Set up bird feeders near the windows. It will encourage birds to your yard and you can watch them from the comfort of your own home. Which is great on cold or rainy days.
  • Water is something they drink as well as use to bathe in it, so setting up a birdbath in full sunlight and partially shaded areas of the yard will also help attract them.
  • Because birds are omnivores they eat both plant and animal matter to stay alive. Spring/Summer they enjoy worms, insects and spiders. But in the Fall and Winter typically they enjoy fruit and seeds.
  • Nana had a book that included pictures, birds and lots of other information including their habitats. However, I just do a quick Internet search to find the birds that visit me.
  • Break out the binoculars and you will be surprised at how many feathered friends you can see while bird watching.
  • Enjoy watching them and snap pictures of your new feathered friends for you to enjoy!
  • Remember bird watching doesn’t just stop at home! Here are some great pictures of birds across the United States that I’ve seen in my travels.

Bird Ocean Tuckaway Shores

These feathered friends were enjoying catching fish out of the Atlantic Ocean while I visited Tuckaway Shores.

Florida Bird

While visiting Florida’s Space Coast I was taken to the Brevard County Zoo where these Macaw’s were setting for all to enjoy!


On our family vacation to Savannah, Georgia we of course had to visit Tybee Island! This bird was stationed on his perch for all to enjoy!

Tybee Island Bird Watching

And last but not least is a double favorite! Nana had a love for hummingbirds as well as the flower “Bird of Paradise”. Each time I am in California I sit and watch for a hummingbird around the beds of flowers and am always delighted when I see one, but even happier when I get a picture. My aunt says that it is Nana coming to visit me, which may be very true, but if there is one thing I’ve learned, is that no matter where you are at birding is a lot more fun than I ever imagined it would be.

Bird Watching A Great Family Pasttime

What is your favorite kind of bird or to go birding?

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  1. You have some amazing pictures. Lately, I’ve taken to feeding some cute little birds where I sometimes hang out. They are so cute and sweet and fun to watch, and these are so friendly. I can’t imagine seeing some of these birds you have – wow!

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