Best Places to Eat in Omaha

Best Places to Eat in Omaha

Best Places to Eat in Omaha

Best Places to Eat in Omaha

Best Places to Eat in Omaha! As many of you may or may not know I spent most of the month of November in Omaha. My mom had to have surgery at the University of Omaha Cancer Center and in order to be close by we stayed in Omaha. I do have to first tell you that the food at the cafeteria’s in the hospital is actually good, but when you are in a new town you have to eat out right?? Right!! And so we did, A LOT!! Here are the best places we found and why we liked them!


Perkins is just the average Perkins as far as food is considered, however, they have one server that is AMAZING!! Dorthea is the best waitress my sister and I have ever had and the entire time she is happy, complimentary, and of course amazing at her job. So much in fact that we went back to Perkins for a second meal and requested we sit in her section. She was just as exceptional the second time around and that was the meal that started off with dessert! Because my sister ordered Lemon Pie, and it was the last piece Dorthea brought it before our meal, just to make sure we didn’t miss out! That my friends is a great waitress!!

Wheatfields Catering

Wheatfields Catering is a delicious bakery and cafe. You can’t go wrong with any of their desserts, since that is their specialty. Their breakfasts are amazing with all of your favorites to choose from: french toast, pancakes, omelets and so on. Very high quality food with very affordable prices!



Petrows is a great diner like feel that is the best for breakfast! They even have real potatoes which was a pleasant surprise when we stopped in for breakfast. Don’t forget the pie while you are there. They have some delicious choices but our favorite was Lemon Meringue. They did tell me while I was there that they are getting rid of the “diner” feel, which is kind of sad if you ask me, but it was a great place to eat!


La Mesa Mexican

La Mesa Mexican Restaurant had a great $10 drink special the night we were there and the food was amazing. It was one of the best stops we made while in Omaha and they even had a store where you could purchase things made in Mexico. It was definitely a diamond in the rough kind of find, because we literally just Googled Mexican Restaurants and decided to pick that one out of the list.


11 Worth

11 Worth Cafe was our go to lunch spot! They are only open for breakfast and lunch so be sure you decide to eat there for one of those two meals. Our favorite meal there was the 10 slice BLT and the Reuben sandwich. The owner was there on a Saturday when we placed an order to go, which was a pleasant surprise. He was very friendly as well as helpful but I have to admit my favorite is the food!! Found on Leavenworth Street it is a must dine in destination when visiting Omaha!


La Casa Pizzaria

La Casa Pizzaria was a great place to stop and pick up a pizza. However, I would strongly suggest calling ahead to place an order if you are grabbing it to go. Be prepared to wait for your food because it is more like Italian food than anywhere you will get here in the Midwest. The locals strongly suggested we try La Casa Pizzaria while in town and we are glad we did!



Runza is my husbands favorite restaurant in Omaha so we of course had to eat there. They have great “loose meat” sandwiches and even sell them frozen, which means Mr. SMSL gets a “real” Runza from time to time. But most of the time we just eat the “copycat” version made with homemade bread instead of canned bread.

Fuddruckers Omaha


Fudruckers is a great burger place because it is an all America restaurant! My favorite part about Fudruckers is that you can customize everything and they have a “condiment bar”, so you load up your burger (hamburger or chicken) with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, peppers, onions and more. You choose what and how much with a ton of sauces to choose from including mustard, honey mustard, bbq sauce, ketchup, fry sauce, cheese and so much more!! It’s so good Fudruckers is back on our list for our next trip!


Olive Garden

Our Olive Garden experience was a little rocky at first with our waitress, but the food was fabulous. The Peach Tea is still my absolute favorite thing from there, but all in all it was a great meal out. It was relaxing and the manager went above and beyond to make everything right by the time we left, without complaints from us.

Mama’s Pizza

Best Pizza in Omaha

The best pizza place we found was at Mama’s Pizza! There lunch special includes a salad, small pizza and drink for under $8! We had the Chicken Alfredo pizza and a Hawaiian Pizza and both were equally delicious. This is the only sports bar that I have been into that would also fall into a family friendly restaurant! It is a must stop and dine in restaurant while in Omaha!


Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery


Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery is the place to go for a homecooked meal!! But if you order the meal on the left be sure to only order one because that is big enough for two people easily! This is the Crispee Crunchy Chicken Casserole and it was delicious!! They even have homemade bread for sale, and of course marked down baked goods. This is a must stop and dine in diner!

And if those places aren’t enough you can always check out these chains that were great for a meal as well: Five Guys, Longhorn Steak House, Panera bread and HuHots Mongolian Grill.

What is your favorite place to eat in Omaha?

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  1. 11 Worth looks like it would be my favorite. We’ll have to check out these places when we go on vacation. Thanks for the list!

  2. I’m wiping off the drool as I type this. Omaha is within driving distance from where I live. We may need to take a road trip!

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