30 Day Decluttering Challenge

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung officially and that means lots of things! Fresh air, flowers, more allergies and even Spring cleaning. I know it isn’t our favorite thing to do during spring, but the hard work pays off because completing it gives you a sense of accomplishment! As well as added benefits of Spring Cleaning which usually helps cut clutter, gives you a sense of pride and so much more here are a few Benefits of Spring Cleaning and an easy 30 Day Decluttering Challenge to help you get it all accomplished.

Spring cleaning is something that should be done by everyone regardless of their living space because we all know how many germs are on things. First things first, when Spring hits is throwing up the windows and enjoying the fresh breeze. It gets fresher air inside your house and you already feel better about the state of your home!

Cutting the clutter and messy environment is a great way to help your home become happier. When we do spring cleaning we work on one room at a time and have a simple policy in place. We have three containers: Keep, Toss, Giveaway. If we haven’t used it in 6 months it is quickly thrown into the giveaway bin, if it is in the wrong room it goes into the keep box and if it is trash or something we no longer need or want it goes into the trash box. This method helps you cut down the clutter and keep organized while you are doing it. By cutting through clutter you are keeping your home space tidier and giving yourself the gift of organization! Don’t worry Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will a perfect house be, but you are well on your way when you do the first room!

Getting your house clean helps you feel more peaceful and of course gets rid of unnecessary stress. But it also gives you a sense of pride because it is a way to show off your hard work! Having someone stop by will no longer be an embarrassment and  you will be glad to be able to relax with them! Spring Cleaning is also a great way to save some time. Because now that everything has a spot and is organized, you will be able to find everything you need. Your home will be more orderly, daily chores will be a snap and you will be able to have more time to relax at your fingertips!

There are many benefits of spring cleaning, and these are just a few. Consider all the bonuses that this yearly ritual will bring you. Keep yourself going through the hard work with the thoughts of everything you will gain.

So this month we have challenged ourselves to get rid of even more clutter. Here’s the game plan we are implementing.

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Benefits of Spring Cleaning

30 Day Decluttering Challenge

Don’t just toss your items, check out these great ways to help you make money while you spring clean!

  • Online Garage Sale Sites: There are tons of online garage sale sites on FB. If you don’t have FB, get connected and find some local online garage sale pages. You can list your items for sale and meet to get your cash. This is a great way to sell baby stuff, clothes, furniture, and anything you would put in a regular garage sale without the hassle of a garage sale.
  • Sell on eBay: eBay is a great place to sell and ship your stuff. Buy and sell through PayPal for optimum security. Things like computers, tablets, phones, and any electronic seem to sell like hot cakes on eBay.
  • Sell on Amazon: You can sell anything on Amazon just like you could a garage sale site, but books, kids clothes, and toys are most popular. If you have a bunch of books that are just collecting dust on your shelf, consider selling them on Amazon to get some cash while you spring clean.
  • Sell on Craigslist: If you sell on Craigslist, a word of caution is to always meet a person in a public area with lots of people. Safety first. You can list all the things you want to sell right on the same page with Craigslist. Instead of posting each item individually, post everything you’re getting rid of and ask a price for all of it like $100 or best offer. You don’t have to go in order and can choose who is willing to offer you the most.
  • Have a Garage Sale: Selling things online is an easy way to make cash, but if you aren’t into the whole online thing, have a garage sale. If you are worried about the amount of time this could take, there are a few ways to make your garage sale less time consuming. Don’t label everything with a price. Instead, label groups of items. For example, all boys shirts 50 Cents or all DVDS $1.

Remember, anything you don’t sell, you will have to store or get rid of during your spring cleaning process, so give people a great deal. The better your deal is, the more likely you are to get rid of everything you need gone and make some cash while you spring clean.

7 thoughts on “Benefits of Spring Cleaning”

  1. Using spring cleaning to help you feel more peaceful and get rid of unnecessary stress is a good idea. If you have an organized home that is free of clutter, it could help you feel more comfortable with inviting people over. I would imagine that if you hire a company to do your spring cleaning, it should ensure that everything is done correctly and make sure you get rid of anything that could be detrimental to your health.

  2. I love the way you put things!! Yes Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the dirt and dust from the winter! Animal hair & dander also contributed to my mess! I love airing out the house & cleaning to get that fresh spring smell! I have those same three rules when I tackle cabinets & closets! I am definitely not a hoarder ??

  3. I always procrastinate spring cleaning but love the clean smell of the house and knowing it’s organized again!

  4. Decluttering and cleaning out just feels so good when it’s done! Thanks for the tips and the 30 day challenge!

  5. Spring cleaning surveys never won one but entered quite a bit hehe guess I’ll keep trying never give up guys

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