An Essential Hair Care Guide for All Curly Hair Types1

An Essential Hair Care Guide for All Curly Hair Types

Are you wondering how to take care of your curly hair but feel intimidated? Perhaps you’re dealing with frizz and breakage. 

If so, you can use universal hair products for all curly hair types. These products include essential moisturizing nutrients to prevent hair damage and engagements.

Additionally, you can use simple hair techniques that won’t cost you anything. This article will explain how to take care of curly hair regardless of ethnicity. 

Prime Hair Techniques

One curly hair routine entails plopping. Plopping consists of wrapping a t-shirt (or towel) around your head to reduce frizz. It will also hasten the drying process.

Moreover, plopping adds more volume to your hair. This technique includes the following steps if you’re using a t-shirt:

  1. Keep your t-shirt nearby (i.e. on the toilet or counter) before jumping in the shower. Place the t-shirt upside down. Ensure the sleeve ends face your direction.
  2. After showering, flip over your wet hair, and place it in the center of the shirt. Your head should be upside down.
  3. Place the shirt bottom over your head. The shirt should cover your head completely and contact the nape of your neck.
  4. Tie the sleeves (near your forehead) and the back of the shirt together to make your head-covering look like a diaper.
  5. Take your twisted sleeves and wrap them around your head to tighten the covering.

Leave the shirt in place for at least 20 minutes. Use a large shirt to get the best results. For more information on hair plopping, read more now.

This method bunches up your curls and allows them to dry untouched. It also protects your hair from humidity and gravity. This is a great technique regardless of ethnicity. 

Another post-wash solution is the scrunching method. This technique achieves the perfect balance of forging your wet hair in place and loosening dry curls.

Before applying this method, however, apply a leave-in hair conditioner. You should also use curling cream to maximize results. Adhere to the following steps:

  1. Part the hair in the desired place before drying.
  2. Lean your head to one side and bunch up sections of your hair to the roots
  3. Continue this same procedure for each section of your hair

You should also apply hair oil on your hands and scrunch the hair from the end to the root. This move will preserve the curls in your hair. It will also enhance your curliness. 

The Best Hair Products for Curly Hair

If you’re looking for maximum haircare, choose CurlMix Pure Homemade Flaxseed Gel. It’s applicable for all hair types, such as wavy, loose, and curly. It’s also handpicked by top salon owners.

CurlMix is one of the best products that prevent hair crunchiness. It also contains organic jojoba oil, which matches the natural oils in your hair. Use the product once a week after showering. 

If you need shampoo for curly hair, consider Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo. This option is among the best solutions for humidity.

Humidity causes hair cuticles to swell and expand. As a result, you’ll get frizzy hair. This product is especially useful if you live in climates prone to excessive humidity. 

It contains special nanotechnology that uses silk protein to trap in natural hair moisture. Moreover, it contains prime ingredients, such as:

All these ingredients provide hydration to your hair. Plus, they will preserve hair curliness, regardless of the humidity. Best of all, this shampoo has UV protective properties that protect your hair from sun damage. 

Another sun protector is Oui Leave-in Conditioner. It’s a quick solution that you can spray into your hair. It tackles dry ends and is suitable for all hair types. It also detangles your hair. 

The Best Hair Tools

After the conditioner process, you need tools like brushes to manage your hair. For brushes, use a detangling brush to contend with cuticle issues.

You can also use this brush to minimize hair breakage. If you need to brush with curly cream, use an edge brush to address flyaway curls. You can also use it to style your hair accordingly. 

Use a pick comb to add more volume. The pick variety will brush out your curls from the root of the scalp. To deal with wet hair, apply a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair gently.

This type of brush will go easy on wet hair. Also, it’s similar to how you would detangle your hair with your fingers. 

After combing your hair with the necessary brushes and combs, use a stain-lined cap to protect your hair. You can wear this when sleeping at night.

It keeps your hair in place as you sleep. It also safeguards your hair from frizz. Frizz can occur as you move around during the night. You can also wear a cap outside the home. 

Another effective head covering is the shower cap. They will keep your hair dry as your shower. Moreover, you can deep-condition your hair as you embark on your daily routine. 

If you’re worried about sleeping at night, use a silk pillowcase. Silk will better preserve your hair than other materials like cotton. Silk provides less friction, keeping your hair in place. 

You should also choose the right towel if you use it as a head wrap. A cotton towel causes more friction within your hair.

Friction can cause hair damage and breakage. Instead, use a special microfiber towel to prevent friction. This type of towel will also absorb more water from your hair. 

If you want to dry your hair faster, you can also use a hairdryer that comes with an attached diffuser. The diffuser disburses the air from the dryer and is gentler on hair cuticles. It will also dry the cuticles faster, which will give you a fuller hair volume. 

Curly Hair Types for All Ethnicities

Whether you have long wavy hair or short wavy hair, the key to healthy hair for all curly hair types is moisture. To keep your hair hydrated and nourished, search for products that contain ingredients like vitamin e, olive oil, and shea butter.

Additionally, simple techniques like scrunching and propping will add more volume to your hair. They will also keep your hair more manageable in the long-run. Tools like diffusers and brushes will also prevent hair damage and breakage.

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