A Timepiece Designed For Motor Racing: The Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex has a tradition in making incredibly high-quality timepieces, each and every time a more innovative version of a unique wristwatch is seen by Rolex by maintaining a traditional touch of the brand’s rich heritage in it. It also has been used as an official timekeeper in the Olympics and sponsored many race events . And many of the limited exclusive editions of wristwatches were also launched by the brand.

 One of the greatest inventions of Rolex is the Daytona series , A timepiece that is born to race as a tagline of this collection. This range contains high-end watches with many complicated features and fully-featured watches for a Racer. It is basically designed for someone who has a passion for driving and racing. The name Daytona was taken from one of the world’s most popular racing tracks, the Daytona racing track feature Rolex 24.


This series was launched right after the great historical race event on the Daytona track. The timepieces in this collection are much more precised and innovative than any other sport watch in this range. Sir Malcolm Campbell was a famous race driver and broke many world records in speed with his famous bluebird car. He was the professional racer with a choice to wear an oyster Rolex. As Rolex has a historical relation to racing and speed, TImepiece is full of utilitarian features whether it is a driver or military soldier, it always performs for what it was created. The Rolex Malcolm was wearing timepiece was closely related to the Daytona and in 1963, World was introduced to a watch robust in its material, unique in its design, optimal in precision and over-all composed of utilitarian features named as “ Cosmograph Daytona”, the legendary timepiece in the Rolex series.

1959 the Rolex played as an official timekeeper in the International Race “ The Daytona International speed away “, After with enhanced relation with this track Rolex launched the timepiece Cosmograph the Daytona. Rolex 24 is the racing event by the brand to enforces the timepiece and the man over 24 hours of cycle to pass through extreme stages is going on still. In fact, Each timepiece by Rolex has a Unique History.

Features of Cosmograph Daytona

●     Optimal Performance-based Caliber

The timepiece for a racer requires a high rate of precision and should be optimally accurate.

To ensure the extremely accurate movements of the timepiece, the Cosmograph is powered by caliber 4130’s. It is Rolex in-house Caliber and is officially certified by Swiss Chronometer certifications, Swiss tests these movements under intense tests to make sure the reliability factor,and 4130 performed more than enough in the tests.

Two mechanical disks are used in this movement that works together to optimize the overall precision range and gives the warranty to last longer.

●     Cerachrom Bezel

Bezel ring is made of ceramic material which makes it virtually scratch-proof, and also unaffected by the dangerous ultraviolet radiation. Tachymeter scale over it has engraved indexes which are PVD gold or platinum filled. This bezel wring is named as monobloc bezel and is functional when equipped over a Daytona which basically enhances the overall shape and design of the timepiece.

●     Pusher trigger for Chronograph

The chronometers on the Daytona timepiece is set activated when using the pusher, it makes it start instantly. This pusher can be screwed down or un-screwed based on the working, when no in use it can be screwed conveniently. Just a click is needed to trigger functions including start, stop, and even reset. It is a unique feature in the list of sports watches that make it unique and special in the list of high tech luxury sports watches ever made by the Swiss manufacturer.

●     Oyster Perpetual

The originally Swiss-made timepiece featured oyster perpetual Which in case made this watch to be used in intense situations and can withstand extreme shocks. The Daytona is extremely related to the Oyster watch worn by Mallock in a racing event before the official launching of Daytona, this time featured an oyster case which is almost scratch-proof to increase the life-time of the timepiece and make it robust enough to be the constant ally of a racer.