A Quick Guide To Hosting The Ultimate Movie Night With Your Friends and Family

A Quick Guide To Hosting The Ultimate Movie Night With Your Friends and Family

If you want to have a memorable night at home with your loved ones, a movie night is a great way to go about it. This could be a good way to celebrate a birthday, or even just a way to catch up after a long time apart. Don’t just plonk them down in front of your TV and hope for the best – use the advice here and everyone will have the best time imaginable. 

Match Your Menu To What You’re Going To Watch

Make some snacks or some meals, and see if you can match your menu to whatever it is you’re planning on watching. For example, if you’ve picked a couple of old Hollywood movies, serve cocktails and fancy finger foods. Make it a sort of theme for the evening to make it super fun and memorable. 

Dress Up Especially for the Film You’re Watching 

You could even dress up to suit the movie theme. For instance, get a flapper girl costume if you’re watching The Great Gatsby. You don’t necessarily have to dress up as a movie character; you could just ask your guests to wear their best clothes. Alternatively, ask them to come in their cosiest pyjamas and they will automatically be comfortable when the film starts. 

A Pick Double Feature

A double feature can be exciting if you pick films that could complement one another, such as West Side Story and Romeo And Juliet. You could even pick a couple of films by the same director, or films featuring an actor you like to admire their range. 

Make Sure You Know Where To Look 

Knowing where you’re going to get the films to watch is important – you don’t want to deal with this once everybody has arrived and have issues with downloading and buffering – or even just finding the films everybody had their heart set on. You can check out Troypoint’s list of torrent sites to get a good idea of where you can look first. 

See If You Can Move It Outside

Moving your movie night outside could also be lots of fun if you have a gazebo or somewhere your family and TV/projector can shelter from the rain. If the weather is nice, there’s no reason you can’t all get out there and enjoy your films that way. Just make sure you provide plenty of cosy blankets, just in case. 

Have Some Post Movie Games

You don’t need to watch films back to back until somebody has fallen asleep. Instead, plan a double movie and then some post movie games for a real dose of 90s Nostalgia. This will be a lot of fun and make the night even more memorable. Plus, you can all have fun together and catch up in a way you probably wouldn’t have been able to with the movie playing. 

Are you ready to host the ultimate movie night with your friends and family? Leave a comment below along with your own thoughts and ideas. 

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