8 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

8 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

8 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

8 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and it’s getting down to the wire on getting or making gifts. If you are on a budget and at a loss as to what to get your sweetheart this year, get creative and make something homemade. Print these great Valentine’s Cards for your family!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Flowers

Melt some chocolate bits in a glass baking dish in the microwave, dip in freshly washed strawberries, place them in a glass baking dish lined with wax paper, and then refrigerate them. AS they cool off, take a bouquet of simple flowers that you can pick up at just about any grocery store, place them in a nice vase, and then tie the vase with a large red ribbon. It’s cheaper than buying these items and the effort put into them won’t go unnoticed.

Keep Calm Valentine

Pre-planned Date Cards or Coupons

Hop on your computer and design some pre-planned date cards or coupons that your honey can give to your throughout the year. Do 12-20 and fill them in with things like “a relaxing back rub” or “a night of dancing under the stars.” Print them out, trim them up, and decorate them with jewels, ribbon, and other odds and ends you have lying around. Then, punch a hole in the left hand corner of each and run a key ring or ribbon through them to secure the booklet.

Kids Valentines Coupon Book

Kids-Vday-Book Set

Love notes

Write love notes containing things you love about your significant other and place them around the house in places they will find them as they go about their day. Then, provide them with a photo album in which to place the notes next to pictures of the two of you throughout your life together. Leave some pages blank for the future!

Picture of Love

Buy or find an old picture frame, paint it any color you wish, and place red paper as a matting. Then, fill the front with a heart made of trinkets, ticket stubs, or other items you have saved from your time together. It will be a great way to save these special items and it makes a great, heartfelt gift.



Valentines Day Coupon Book

candy Jars

Fill an old mason jar with your love’s favorite candy and make a homemade gift tag from scrapbook paper. Attach it to the lid with ribbon and write them a sweet letter to go with it. Nothing could be simpler and sweeter than a jar full of candy.

Carved Candle

Carve your love’s initials and your initials in a candle, like you would with a tree. Then, paint the carving with a bright color that will stand out. Place the candle on a candle plate of your choice and give it as a gift that your loved one will always enjoy looking at.

Make a video

You have the computer and the pictures- so make a slide show for your sweety to see as they open the computer. Put your love song as the background music and as they watch it, serve them their favorite cup of tea or coffee.

Cook Dinner

Cook your love a fancy dinner of their favorite food and watch a movie with them. The quality time is enough to make them remember the day. If you want to really wow them this, try all of these gifts! You can start in the morning and let it go all day- making a day of love for the one you love.

Valentine's Day Fun

Lot's of fun Valentine's Day projects, printables and more! Check them all out and be sure you pin them for later!

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