7 reasons why fruit slots games are still very popular nowadays

7 reasons why fruit slots games are still very popular nowadays

7 reasons why fruit slots games are still very popular nowadays

When the words ‘slot machines’ are read, most people think back to the good old fashioned fruit machine. It is an old favorite after all, and while some people choose to head towards the movie and sports-themed video slots, a large number of gamblers still prefer a blast from the past at the fruit machines.

So why exactly do people still love fruit machines just as much nowadays?

7 reasons why fruit slots games are still very popular nowadays

They have a long history

It is believed that the first-ever slot machine was called Liberty Bell, and was developed by Charles Fay back in 1887. It had three reels, one payline and five symbols (diamond, heart, spade, bell, and horseshoe) to keep things nice and simple.

Back in the 20th century, it was illegal to play games for money, so history records show flavored chewing gum to be the prize of choice for most, with the winning symbols shown on the slot machine. And so fruit slots were born!

Bally Technologies created the first official fruit machine in 1963 called Money Honey featuring melons, lemons, oranges, and cherries. It still boasts the same retro theme today and the machines as just as in-demand as ever.

They’re simple

As much as it is hard for younger gamblers to believe, a lot of people just want to play something fun and simple in their bid to win a bit of cash.

They don’t want to end up confused by the varying symbols, IoT in slot machines and bonus games – they want to get down to business and enjoy some old-fashioned fun.

Fruit machines also have a sense of familiarity to most people, and choosing a game you actually know how to play is crucial in order to win money.

You wouldn’t approach a professional poker table without learning the rules first, so why would you approach an all singing and dancing slot when you could stick to what you know best?

7 reasons why fruit slots games are still very popular nowadays

You don’t need huge amounts of cash

Unlike table games, you won’t need to break your bank in order to have a spin on a fruit machine. 

A lucky combination could bring in a tonne of cash, too, so people definitely prefer to gamble smaller in hopes of a huge payout than wager a wad of cash and lose it all.

At the end of the day, you’re very unlikely to walk away from a fruit machine and have to remortgage your home and sell all of your belongings, although you should still gamble responsibly and know when to stop. 


You can set your own pace

Although it sounds a little antisocial, after a long week, many people simply enjoy visiting the casino to enjoy some quality time alone. And the best way to do this, of course, is with a fruit machine!


Players don’t have the need to ask anyone how to play, they don’t need to speak to a dealer, and they don’t need to play at a certain pace like with table games. You can walk into the casino, choose an easy five-reel or three-row fruit machine, sit and play. It’s super easy and convenient and acts as a great way for people to unwind.


Lucian Marinescu, partner at OnlineCasinoGems, agrees that fruit machines are a great way to relax. He said: “So many people nowadays are constantly run off their feed with high-stress jobs, tonnes of personal commitments and a general non-stop schedule.


“Sometimes, people decided to play fruit machines to reminisce on simpler times, and we can’t blame them. Playing fruit machines can actually be quite therapeutic.”


They’re fun

We could go into reasons as to exactly why the bright colors and flashing lights attract a gambler’s brain, but the reality is, they’re just super fun!

If you’ve had a long day and you don’t fancy getting an even bigger headache trying to win at blackjack, then fruit machines are a great alternative that requires zero skill. It’s true! Fruit machines are easy to play and players find it super enticing to watch the reels spin around and settling one by one, edging ever closer to the jackpot.

There’s also no question behind the fact that humans are drawn to food. Create a game plastered with food symbols where you have the chance to win huge cash prizes? Suddenly, everyone’s all-in. As we’re sure most are aware, pressing the spin button can also get super addicting.


It’s completely random

The idea that fruit machines are completely based on ‘luck’ convinces a lot of people to go for them. After all, you can’t blame your strategy for losing a lot of money on a slot machine, only your decision-making processes to deposit a large amount of money in the first place!

Gamblers like the fact that the chances are winning are a little out of their hands – it gives their brains a rest from trying to keep a poker face and bluff their way through difficult table games.

The jackpots keep rising, too. In 1998, the New York Times reported that a 67-year-old woman won the ‘largest slot jackpot ever’ of $27,582,539.48 at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas.

However, there’s now a whole load of big slot wins that will make your jaw drop, including a 25-year-old who won $39 million playing slots at the Excalibur Casino.

They bring in big money for venues

The truth is, venues still love offering fruit machines out to their players as they bring in a ridiculous amount of money.

As much as 70% of annual casino revenue comes from slot machines, where the smallest deposits are made.

It’s not just casinos that like to profit from this now, either, as slot machines expected at Chicago airports are estimated to rake in $37 million annually with each machine bringing in $200 daily. 

There’s a reason casinos are flooded out with fruit machines, the owners like that the players enjoy them, and constantly put their money into them! Check out these fun things you can do in the winter before you go! 




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