6 Cool Gifts For The Perfect Daughter

6 Cool Gifts For The Perfect Daughter

6 Cool Gifts For The Perfect Daughter

Gift-giving is supposed to be a fun process, but with the pressure many of us put on ourselves to find the perfect gift for our loved one, it can soon feel daunting. One of the b

As a parent of a daughter, you also have the added pressure that most probably won’t tell you what they want—or will tell you so far in advance that you’ve forgotten by the time the gift-giving season comes around. Don’t forget to think outside of the box and check out this guide on how to buy a microscope for your kids.

If this is the case, then we’ve got you covered, with 6 meaningful gifts that also have a high ‘cool gift’ rating, making them suitable for the perfect daughter in your life. 

Yuno Light Soy Aromatherapy Candles

If your daughter seems more stressed than usual lately or could do with a reminder to relax and take care of herself, this gift of aromatherapy candles by Yuno Light is perfect.

The set itself includes four separate candles that have a burning time of over 30 hours, making them a gift that will last for weeks or even months after you have gifted it.

An impressive 7% of the ingredients are also essential oils, which provide natural flower scents that encourage relaxation and create a sense of warmth in any indoor space. 

In addition to this, the fact that these candles come in tins instead of traditional glass makes them perfect for transporting as they won’t break, which is great if you’re sending your gift off. 

Plus, the tin-design also means they can be reused for other purposes once the candles are empty, such as for storing jewelry or as a pot for plants.

The perfect gift for daughters

Kool 8 Water Bottle 

For the daughter who can’t tear her eyes away from the latest episode of her favorite Netflix series, this Kool 8 water bottle provides the perfect reminder for her to drink more water. 

Made from stainless steel materials for reusability purposes, with double-wall insulation, it will keep the water cool for up to 24 hours if she doesn’t get around to it straight away.

This makes it a great water bottle for on the go, too, and with three different colors to choose from, it won’t be something she’s embarrassed to be seen with.

If she’s more interested in having her hands free to text her friends or look down at her mobile on her commute, this water bottle is also leakproof, making it perfect for being transferred in a handbag or backpack. 

During the colder seasons, this can also be used to keep coffee—and other hot beverages—warm for up to twelve hours, making it the perfect companion for times when they may need to leave the house.

AmuseNd Portable Humidifier 

If you want to treat your perfect daughter on a smaller budget, CoolThingsChicago recommends this portable humidifier by AmuseNd in their gift guide.

For less than a 20 dollar price tag, this adorable cactus design will enable your daughter to add moisture to the air in several different locations.

If you aren’t aware, dehumidifiers have become extremely popular for adding moisture to a room where it’s currently lacking. 

This can help to prevent colds, dry skin and it’s also proven beneficial in keeping hair healthy over time, too. 

In a cute cactus design, it’s completely portable and can be charged by her laptop via a USB connection, making it the perfect transitional gift between the home, office, and even university lecturers. 

Twinkeintime Personalized Map

As a parent, you will know your daughter better than anyone, and there are probably many dates that mean something special between the two of you.

If this is the case, gifting her one of these personalized maps by Twinkleintime is the perfect way to express your love to her and show her that an event has meant a lot to you, too.

Whether this is the day she was born, her graduation, or the first time she met someone important to you both, this company allows you ample opportunities to personalize your print.

Once you’ve decided on your date and have filled in the small section of text to give the print meaning, the company will add an image of how the stars looked on a certain date, in a specific location at a time of your choosing. 

With the option to have this come in a frame, all your daughter will need to do is unwrap it and choose somewhere in her room or home where this gift can take pride of place for years to come.

Levi’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans 

If your daughter is a self-confessed fashionista, experts behind the giftwits blog highly recommend investing in a pair of these Levi’s jeans. 

These ones, in particular, are extremely comfortable, with a tight fit that will make your daughter feel comfortable no matter what she pairs it with.

The great thing about a pair of jeans is that it’s effortlessly stylish and goes with any combination of clothes. So if your daughter is going through the grungy phase, it’ll go with her Nirvana hoodie! If she’s being arty and wearing a pair of John Lennon glasses and contemplating protests, it seamlessly blends into her beret and badges getup!

The light blue design is also the perfect transitional denim color throughout all seasons, making them a year-long staple item in her wardrobe. 

With fashionable jeans nowadays, they wouldn’t be complete without at least a few rips, something which this pair by Levi’s do well. 

As well as this gift showing your daughter that you are in tune with current fashion, it could also provide the perfect opportunity to slip in a few dad (or mom) jokes after she’s opened it. 

Bamboo Cheese Board Set 

For the daughter who has replaced her obsession with boybands during her teenage years with food in later life, treat her to everything she needs for a sophisticated cheese and wine night with this cheese board set.

Made from 100% natural bamboo, it’s extremely easy to clean off after use, needing little more than a rinse before being stored away for its next big night in. 

The bamboo design also makes this gift a compliment in any kitchen environment; whether that be your own if she’s still living with you, or pride of place in her own apartment.

To complete this set as one of the best cheese boards ever, it also comes with a slide-out drawer that gives your daughter everything she needs in one place, meaning she won’t need to get up once she’s comfortable. 


Although purchasing a suitable gift for your perfect daughter isn’t always an easy task, the gifts on this list are so varied that there should be at least one thing she’ll love.

From cheese boards kitted out with their own cutlery draws to portable dehumidifiers to keep your daughter looking and feeling fresh, these gifts cover all price points and personalities so you really cannot go wrong. 


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