52 Week Money Saving Challenge

52 Week Money Challenge

52 Week Money Challenge

52 week money challege

Every year I always say the same thing, I’m going to save more money. This year I am challenging you all to do it with me and we will have a total of $1,378 saved up by the end of the year. For my household that would pay off a bill, be a nice nest egg of savings, or even help me pay off some unexpected bills that are always popping up. We always say we will save some money but then end up spending it on something one of us needs, wants or bills.

The plan is simple the first week you deposit $1 into your savings account, then the second week you do $2, $3 on the third week and so on. When I lost my job 3 years ago I thought it was going to be the end of us to say the least. Budget cuts were to blame for the job loss so we had to drastically cut our budgets to stay afloat. It wasn’t easy but we did it and have a stock pile of many items that we don’t have to buy because I got them free or cheap using coupons.

Price match at your local Walmart so you save gas and wear/tear on your car and the savings are huge. Some weeks I do all of my grocery shopping this way so I don’t have to travel around from town to town to get the best deals. We’ve also started eating out only 1 time a month and the savings from that alone has been staggering. Cooking at home is very easy to do as well and you can control the nutritional value even more this way!!!

Saving money is easy once you get in the routine of doing it and remember ever coupon you use helps you get the cash you need to save out of your budget. If you wanted to you could even do the chart backwards so when you are closer to Christmas you aren’t saving near as much.



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