5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Internal Doors

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Internal Doors

Doors are the most important part of the home. They separate spaces, creating privacy or at the very least, keeping the cluttered contents of storage cupboards out of sight. They can create a sense of harmony or give the atmosphere chaos in an otherwise decent home.

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Internal Doors


All interior doors need to match. If they don’t match, the house descends into a sense of chaos. Interior doors should be updated at the same time. The same style needs to be purchased for each doorway. The dark and oppressive hallway upstairs will want frosted glass for bedrooms to allow natural light to travel from room-to-room. This also opens the space. The kitchen or any room with an in-use fireplace will want a fire door. Cupboards will want the cheaper hollow doors unless they’re in constant use. Make sure that all these doors come in the same style. Make a list of how many of each door you need before looking at doors. That way it is easier to match the style and create a harmonious home.


A poorly fitted door won’t offer safety and security. It will upset the energy flow of the home. Doorframes aren’t the same size. Every doorway needs to be measured. Measure all the doorframes. If there’s already a perfectly fitted door that needs updating, measure the door. If there isn’t a door or a badly fitted, warped door, measure the doorframe across the top, middle and bottom. The width may not be the same the entire way down. Take 3mm away from the measurements. Normal doors are usually 35mm and fire doors are 45mm.


Save time and money by buying online. With the list of doors and the measurements handy, it is now time to consider what style door to purchase. An easy way to do this is to browse online. It can be done on a smartphone or tablet, which makes visualising the door in the space easier. Purchasing online is cheaper and it cuts out the pesky salesperson trying to convince you to spend over budget and add features you don’t need or want.


All new accessories for the doors need to be purchased at the same time as the doors. Without accessories a door is nothing more than a plank with nowhere to hang. The door handles and hinges give the door its function. There’s not much point in taking out the old on the old doors and putting them in new doors. They see a lot of wear and tear and will only break soon after. The doorframes also need replacing at the same time. If the old frame cracks with the new door hanging in it, the entire door needs to come down.


A door is more than just a way to separate space in a home. It is the home. They see constant use. Doors can completely alter the appearance of a home. They take up more space than any other feature.

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