5 Reasons To Treat Your Pets With CBD

5 Reasons To Treat Your Pets With CBD

5 Reasons To Treat Your Pets With CBD

At the end of the day, pets are part of the family and most of us want to give our pets the same treatment that we would give to any of our friends or family. And medical treatment is no exception. When a pet is sick, it can be just as distressing for the pet owner as it is for the animal. Nobody likes watching their furry companion suffer. More and more people around the globe are turning towards Cannabidiol as treatment for a wide range of ailments which malady our canine and feline friends.

Despite the fact that there is very little scientific research surrounding CBD and domestic pets, the amount of anecdotal evidence is increasing. Plus, what we know about mammalian biology helps us to make inferences about the different ways that CBD might affect them. Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system which serves the same basic purpose: balance and homeostasis. Knowing this gives us a basic understanding of how CBD can help to manage some of the symptoms common to the pet world.

5 Reasons To Treat Your Pets With CBD
CBD Boosts Immune Function

You know what they say: the best treatment is prevention. It might be something our grandmothers told us, but it’s still completely relevant to both biomedicine and veterinary medicine. By boosting the immune function of your canine or feline, you can avoid them getting sick in the first place.

CBD can be used to boost immune function as an everyday supplement for your pet or can be used just in times of extreme stress. For example, if your pet is prone to getting sick when you go on holiday or especially during the winter time, give your pet a small amount of CBD every day during these times. Otherwise, give a small dosage every day to maintain good immune function. According to this review on “Nuleaf Naturals CBD“,  CBD interacts with pets the same way as it does with humans.

5 Reasons To Treat Your Pets With CBD

CBD Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety aren’t just phenomena of the human world; cats and dogs feel experience these symptoms too. It isn’t uncommon for a cat or dog to show symptoms of separation anxiety or stress in extreme circumstances. Thunderstorms and fireworks are particularly stressful moments for dogs especially, and it can be extremely difficult to keep them calm during these kinds of events.
A single dose can be administered before stressful events such as the New Year’s Eve fireworks, or a smaller amount can be administered every day to promote health and relaxation.

CBD reduces seizures

If your pet suffers from seizures, it can be one of the hardest things to deal with. Veterinary medicine is expensive and isn’t always effective. CBD is known to be antispasmodic and has been used to minimize seizures in humans with particularly resistant types epilepsy. The antispasmodic quality of CBD helps to relax muscles and can even stop a seizure dead in its tracks.

CBD reduces tumor growth

Even tumors are a medical ailment of the pet world, and one of the most groundbreaking discoveries is the way that CBD affects cancers. CBD is antiproliferative, meaning it can stop the proliferation of cells where they are not meant to proliferate. Cancer is one example of this kind of cell proliferation. When cancer cells are not supplied with energy to grow anymore, they often die. CBD can be used as a treatment all on its own or can be used in conjunction with other animal cancer treatments.

5 Reasons To Treat Your Pets With CBD

CBD is a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory

Pain and inflammation are common symptoms for cats and dogs, especially as they get older. Arthritis is particularly common in older pets, along with many of the aches and pains related to breed, injuries and previous medical history. Inflammation and pain often go hand in hand, and pain is usually the result of an inflammatory condition. The fact that CBD can provide both anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities means your pet only has to take one medication to deal with two symptoms.

CBD is a revolutionary herbal medicine for the pet world, offering natural and alternative care that is virtually unmatched in the veterinary world. Vet medicine is expensive, and often, pet owners can’t afford treatment for their furry loved ones. CBD offers treatment for a huge variety of conditions and for the most part, is more affordable than conventional veterinary medicine.

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