4 Tips to Help You Avoid Mac Overheating Issues

There are many reasons that might cause your Mac to overheat. Sometimes it could be because of malware, dust, and dirt, or third-party apps demanding more system resources. Lucky for you, you can tell when your Mac is overheating and try to stop it. Is your Mac too hot to touch? Are the fans running so loud that it sounds like a lawnmower? These are just some of the signs that your Mac is overheating. In this article, we tell you of simple tips and tricks that will prevent your computer from overheating. 

Close unwanted tabs

One great way to prevent your Mac from overheating is to reduce your browser’s overload. How many tabs do you have running at one go? While it is okay to keep as many as you want, keep in mind the more tabs you have, the more system resources it uses. So, to prevent this from causing an overheating problem, close or bookmark those tabs that you are not using. Doing this will reduce your browser’s workload and allow it to function efficiently.

Avoid placing your computer on softer surfaces

We know how comfortable it is to place your Mac on your lap or on a pillow while using it. Sadly, what’s comfortable for you is not comfortable with your computer. Putting your Mac on softer surfaces prevents adequate air circulation under and around your computer. When using your computer, place it on a solid work surface that will ensure enough air circulation to dissipate the heat your Mac generates.

Update your macOS

Did you know using an older OS causes your computer to run slow? Yes, that’s right. Keep in mind that one of the reasons your Mac is overheating is because it is unable to keep up with performance. To solve the problem, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of MacOS that contains performance enhancements and security improvements. Using the latest version helps to keep your Mac cool and allows it to run smoothly.

  • To update your macOS for better functionality,  go to the Apple menu
  • Click the About this mac button
  • Then click the software update prompt. If a new version is available, click update now.
Clean your Mac        

Another great way of preventing your Mac from overheating is cleaning it to lighten the load. Your computer could be overheating because it is biting more than it can chew. Think about the speed you will enjoy after you clean your hard drive, organize your desktop, and remove all unwanted applications or files? Quite good, right? While deleting or removing junk seems easy, sometimes, you might not be aware of all the trash eating up your disk space. You can use a good cleaning software like CleanMymac X to get the job done. A cleaner app will find all the discarded bits and bobs your system generates, including user caches, unused language files, log files, etc. In essence, the tool knows what to clean and where to clean. Well, cleaning your Mac will prevent it from overheating, keep your machine running smoother, and keep it safe from malware.

Wrap up

Overheating is a common problem caused by several issues discussed above. Sadly, it is not something that you can ignore. Beyond the noise from the overworking fans and the slowed performance, overheating can damage the core components of your Mac and affect its battery life. Luckily, this doesn’t need to happen if you take good care of your Mac.

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