4 Fun Ways Moms Can Embrace Their Inner Child

4 Fun Ways Moms Can Embrace Their Inner Child

4 Fun Ways Moms Can Embrace Their Inner Child

Do you constantly feel weighed down by the responsibilities of adulthood and long for when playtime was a requirement? Are you a mom that’s struggling to find meaningful ways to connect with your kid? 

A strong misconception exists that mothers have to be strict, dominant, and authoritative, but there’s nothing wrong with embracing your inner-child to feel free-spirited and connect better with your own daughter. 

Here are a few fun ways to make you feel like a kid again that will give you a mental boost and probably help you have a better time with your own kiddos as a result.

1) Dust off Your Dolls

Are your childhood dolls tucked away in storage container somewhere in your attic? 

Re-discovering toys you played with when you were a girl will stimulate nostalgia and instantly remind you of memories and experiences you had as a child. Every toy has a story: where you bought it, who gave it to you, where you played with it. It’s invaluable to remember details like this you might have forgotten. 

Sharing your childhood dolls with your daughter and even passing them down to her to play with will keep them out of the attic and give the two of you something in common to play with.

2) Shop for Contemporary Products

You can also explore current dolls available that are marketed towards adult women. Rather than being intended for children to play with and grow out of, companies such as Blythe sell unique dolls that moms can style, accessorize, and treasure throughout their lives and use to help let out that inner child now and then. 

Unlike most dolls that are sold as they are manufactured, Blythe dolls can be built and customized from a large variety of features, and owners can purchase individual items online such as eyes, hair, faceplates, and accessories to make their doll personal to them. 

Were you passionate about sewing, stitching and fashion in your youth but haven’t had time to put your talent to work as an adult? Try sewing your own designs for your doll. This will give you a reason to spend time with her and will make her feel more special.

Owning your own unique doll gives you an object to take care of, and a possession that’s personal to you and yours to own. If your child sees how well you take care of your own doll, it might just inspire her to start her own collection.

3) Play Dress Up

If customizing looks on a doll isn’t your thing, take yourself shopping and play dress up in real life. Try on several looks even if you’re not going to buy them just for the fun of it, and take pictures of your looks to remember what you wore. 

If you want to involve your daughter, take her with you to mix and match together. Give advice to each other in the store about what looks are best and try them. If you like what you find, take it home and bring your fantasy to life. 

You can also play dress up from the comfort of your own home. Try on a few dresses you haven’t worn in a while, or style your hair in a fun, crazy way that you wouldn’t wear normally. 

Invite your daughter to make a game out of it, either by pretending you’re in a fancy store or by making a fashion show out of your own wardrobe. Spending time with your daughter and feeling a childlike fulfillment can be easy by playing with fashion. 

4) Invite In Your Imagination 

Continue make-believe in your daily routine by role-playing in all of your tasks throughout your day. 

If you’re making dinner for your family, pretend that you are a gourmet chef preparing a meal on Food Network. If your child has a cut, imagine that you’re a physician taking care of a patient. Children happily pretend to work in all kinds of fields, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy spicing up your routine with an imagination. Invite your child to participate in the fantasy as well to encourage her to use her imagination and think creatively. 

All of these tips are intended to make your life more rewarding and reminiscent of your days as a child. If you’re worried about being embarrassed, remember that it’s perfectly normal and healthy to reconnect with your inner child and embrace all aspects of your playful personality. It will make you a more carefree individual, a more imaginative person, and a better mother. 

4 Fun Ways Moms Can Embrace Their Inner Child

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