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180Pro-Heat Rescue

180Pro-Heat Rescue

*I received the products in this post in order to try the products, however as always opinions are 100% my own.

180Pro-Heat Rescue

Isn’t it time you take control of your hair? For years, my hair has done whatever it wants but with the help of some great products from Zotos Professional we are finally taming that beast! Over the last year we have talked about lots of their products and even some Biotera products but today we are going to chat about their new 180Pro-Heat Rescue line. Zotos Professionals have released a damage reversing line that is going to take your hair from okay to great. We all do a lot of stuff to our hair on a daily basis that damages our hair, from blow drying to straightening it all has an affect on our locks. But with the help of 180Pro-Heat Rescue product line you can start reversing that damage with just one use.

180Pro-Heat Rescue

  • Heat Rescue Shampoo- Your regular shampoo isn’t even doing your hair justice, it’s just not. Heat Rescue Shampoo has the power to gently clean hair that is damaged from heat.
  • Heat Rescue Conditioner- When your hair is deeply damaged from heat, Heat Rescue Conditioner can help condition it, leaving your hair healthier and softer than before.
  • Leave in Styling Cream – This was one of my favorite products from Heat Rescue because it helped my hair look better and feels great. It conditions and de-tangles to help prep your hair for heat styling making it a great addition to any beauty routine.
  • Flat Iron Barrier Thermal Protection Spray – Your hair gets a nice protective layer before you start using those straighteners, curling wands and even your hair dryer.

Another great delivery from my friends @zotosprofessional I can’t wait to test it out! #beauty #ad #musthave

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Taking care of your hair has never been easier. Heat Rescue uses a signature complex that helps to target your hair worst breaking points. Think back to all the damage you have done to your hair in two years, Heat Rescue has the power to undo it! When you use all of Heat Rescue’s hair care line, you are increasing the chances of your hair healing and looking even better. I had a great experience with this hair care line. I have been putting off taking care of my hair for quite some time. Now I can focus on letting 180 Pro-Heat Rescue take care of my hair for me. I no longer worry about putting heat on my hair, join me and put 180Pro-Heat to the Rescue.
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12 thoughts on “180Pro-Heat Rescue”

  1. I want to try this line because my hair is just thin, flat and very dry and I need help. I dye my hair and use a dryer, flat iron sometimes and I try to curl my hair but it usually doesn’t last long because my hair just will not hold a curl.

  2. I not only want this but need it as well. My hair definitely needs rescued. It would be nice to have beautiful hair.

  3. I have never tried this 180 pro! I have long hair that has heat damage and would love to give it a product to help reduce that!

  4. I would love to try 180-Pro Heat Rescue because it would ” reduce hair’s worst breaking points and repair up to 2 years of hair abuse”
    Thank You

  5. I’d love to try this! I’m in my 50s now & my hair is starting to change. It’s getting thinner & drier. I need to find new products that really work.

  6. I’d love to turn back the clock on all the times I straightened my hair. It is tough on the hair.

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