10 Essential Camping Supplies for Your First Outdoor Adventure

10 Essential Camping Supplies for Your First Outdoor Adventure

As of 2019, 78.8 million households in the US consider themselves camping households — meaning that every year, they pack up and find an awesome spot to enjoy the outdoors.

Camping is a popular hobby. It’s less stressful than a vacation where you have to book travel, hotels, etc. You can find a spot (or book one in a camping zone) and settle down beneath the stars.

The only issue with camping is that you’re often miles from civilization. That means no emergency trips to the store — you have to make sure you have everything with you when you arrive!

Make sure your trip goes off without a hitch by remembering to pack these essential camping supplies. 

1. A Suitable Tent

Some people like to sleep out in the open. Sometimes, this is possible — if the weather’s nice and the area is remote, it might be fine to sleep on the ground, looking up at the night sky.

Unfortunately, the weather is unpredictable. Random rain showers or thunderstorms could pass through. Even if the weather is perfect, unexpected bugs could creep up on you.

Even if you want to try sleeping outside, make sure you bring a tet with you that will protect you from the elements and creepy-crawlies. There are so many different tent sizes available that one is bound to suit. 

2. Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is also essential, even if it’s supposed to be hot out. There are different types of sleeping bags too, so you can get one to suit the weather. You don’t have to be stifling hot!

Regardless of the weather, a sleeping bag will keep you comfortable and protected. 

3. First Aid Kit

All sorts of things can happen out in the woods, especially if you’re going to be wandering off. When you’re packing all of your equipment for hiking, don’t forget the most important thing: a first aid kit.

Whether it’s bug bites, someone taking a fall, or something else, this is bound to come in handy. Make sure you have all the band-aids, creams, and medicine you might need — the nearest emergency room is likely quite far away. 

4. Water Filter

A camping water filter is absolutely essential. There might be plenty of water around your chosen location, but you want to make sure it’s safe and pleasant to drink.

A water filter means you can collect water from anywhere and never be afraid of its quality.

You don’t want to go thirsty!

5. Clothes for All Possible Occasions

It’s important not to overpack when camping, so you don’t have to pack snow clothes if you’re camping in the South at the height of summer. You do, however, need to pack for every possibility!

Look up the weather forecast and pack possibilities for a little outside of that range, including a raincoat. A downpour can hit anywhere, and you don’t want to be stuck in that without protection.

6. Flashlight

Far away from civilization, light is likely to be hard to come by. While cell phones often provide lights, nothing replaces a good old strong flashlight.

Even if you don’t expect to be wandering through the woods in the dead of night, you might get up to use the toilet, or you might have to find something in your supplies.

Packing a flashlight will ensure you aren’t desperately trying to use the light of your phone to scramble through your bag for something. 

7. Bug Repellent

Almost everywhere in the world, bugs are unavoidable. Especially outdoors!

Make sure you have a spray to keep them at bay. There’s nothing worse than returning from a camping trip covered in bug bites and wishing you’d had the foresight to prevent them.

Although most bug bites are harmless, it doesn’t make them any less irritating. Keep them at bay. 

8. Toilet Paper

Because camping is nothing like staying at home, it’s easy to forget household essentials that you need in the woods. Such as toilet paper.

Although your toilet situation isn’t likely to involve plumbing, you still need to wipe! Certain leaves in the forest can work for this as well, but you can make it easy on yourself by having plenty of toilet paper handy.

It can also be used for other things, such as to blow your nose if needed. This is the one everyone’s likely to forget, so if you’re camping with friends and you’re the one to remember, they’ll thank you for it. 

9. Trash Bags

Whether you’re in a specially booked campsite or the wilderness, it’s far from okay to start dumping your trash everywhere. You should leave any campsite no different than when you found it, so it’s important to pack up your trash and take it with you.

This could prove difficult if you forgot to bring something to store it in.

Make sure you have a few trash bags with you. Even if you think you only need one, they’re easy to pack, take up no room, and if you run out of space for your trash, you can pull out more bags. 

10. Fire Starter

A controlled fire can be one of your most important assets when camping. It can be used to keep warm, provide light, and it’s also one of the best outdoor cooking tools you can have!

Unless you’re a camping expert, a handy fire starter is likely necessary. Having one with you will mean that you can easily strike one up to roast marshmallows over. 

Remember These Essential Camping Supplies to Ensure Your Trip Is Awesome!

Although many things can enhance your trip, these essential camping supplies will ensure you have the basics and keep you comfortable and safe. 

Camping is one of the most enjoyable trips a person can take, so make it the best it possibly can be!

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